Aelred Lebeda notes for posterity #1

The following is written in an old waterlogged book bound in blue leather with a swan embossed on the spine.

First of Desnus 4708

I have just left on an expedition into the Greenbelt. I have been tasked by my Aunt and her fellow Sword lords to escort these citizens into the Greenbelt and meet up with a team of explores to establish a buffer kingdom. I believe this is my chance to prove myself to my God and my people.

Fifteenth of Desnus 4708

The expedition has finaly set off, I have prepared my things for travel. Reginald is eager to stretch his legs on the open road.

Twenty fifth of Desnus 4708

In the past few days I have had a chance to meet most of my traveling companions. I have found most of them to be goodly people. There are a few of questionable morals but I believe we have an understanding of one another. We have had a few run-ins with the local wildlife but it was nothing me and my men could not handle. These encounters must have been a windfall from Erastil for they have ensured that the food supply will hold out in case of random accident.

Fifth of Sarenith 4708

We have arrived at the Greenbelt it is beautiful here. I have net with the explorers they seem to have a good feel for the land. They have mentioned that they have removed the source of the bandit problem in the region. They also intend to use the bandit stronghold as the capitol of this new kingdom. They seem to have found suitable people for the different roles in the government. The queen Bethari Cervenka seems to be a free spirit. Which I believe to be a poor leadership quality. This will not stop me from preforming my role as Councilor to the Queen to the best of my abilities. I have also learned that she is of the elven faith, choosing Calistria as her faith. I believe my experience trading with the elves should help. Daila Ikrova has been given the title of Grand Magister. She wears her faith proudly and I believe the community will prosper with her grading it’s knowledge. Korl Orlovsky has been given the title of Diplomat, I believe this job will play to his strengths. Malphas has been assigned the title of Royal Assassin. He seems to keep to himself I will have to speak to him later.



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