Excerpts from Dalia's Diary

The following excerpts are written in hurried yet neat Skald in a black leather-bound journal with the year 4708 etched in goldleaf on the cover

Calistril 24

Arrived at Oleg’s trading post. Both he and his wife seem quite nice, though very cowed. My new companions are a very mixed group, I know not what to make of them. The winged one, Malphas, has something vaguely devilish about him appearance-wise. For some reason this makes me fill more at ease, though his manner is somewhat unnerving. Bethari seems to have begun feuding with the Orlovsky called Koral, I have a feeling this shall be a long trip. The druid, Viggo, seems to be a bit brash, he was nearly killed the first day here. Bandits seem to be a major problem, I hope we can handle it.

Pharast 2

Survived bandits, but barely. Much is owed to Oleg and his wife, I only hope we can repay the debt. We’ve begun mapping the area. My feet ache from all the walking.

Gozran 17

Much progress has been made, bandits routed, resolved fight between Mites and Kobolds. Very good for the community. The forest abounds with fey, who have taken a liking to our bard. Speaking of Koral, I am afraid that the feud between him and Bethari have escalated to a point that I can no longer control. Erastil give me strength!

Desnus 12

We have ordered horses, this shall help us greatly I feel.

Desnus 23

Horses have arrived. On way to face this so-called Stag Lord. I hate bear traps.

Desnus 29

Sadness has struck our little group. While we have taken the Stag Lord’s fortress, we have lost Viggo in the battle. Senka is quite sad, he enjoyed stalking the druid’s hawk.

Sarenith 2

The new charter has arrived, we have chosen the fortress as a base to build our new kingdom. Bethari has claimed the throne… I do not know how well this will work, I just hope her wrath will be tempered by her new responsibility. The Sword Lords have also seen fit to send a paladin to replace Viggo. I do not know what to think of Aelred just yet, but he is a champion of Erastil so I think he will make a fine Royal Advisor. The others have decided to grant me the title of Grand Magister, I only hope that I can fulfill this role satisfactorily. I hope that with this new kingdom my siblings and I can reestablish House Ikrova. The Phoenix shall rise again! Natasha and Alexi have arrived with the new settlers, and construction on the castle have begun, and the community is growing. Erastil has brought peace at last, let us just hope it is lasting. We shall give thanks during the upcoming Archerfeast on the third of next month.



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