Melodious Maiden Missing!

Shrikewall Post

In the wake of the unprovoked attacks against our glorious empire a sudden loss has rocked the theatre world. Star diva of the Sapphire Imps Acting Troop, none other than our beautiful Asmeranda Ilata has gone missing. She was last seen in the local market shopping for jewelry just before the attack, and hasn’t been seen since. Rumor holds that the attackers were from Pitax however we have yet to receive confirmation from the palace. Rumor also holds that a certain dictator has had his eye on our missing muse for some time… Which dictator you ask? Why none other than King Irovetti himself! Could our ruthless attacker and our vile kidnapper be one in the same? Could Irovetti have orchestrated this abominable attack solely to get his fingers on Ilata? We know not, but we will keep you updated as we find out!



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