The Musings of a Queen (Entry II)

A note scrawled in Sylvan

Never Forget

A great deal has happened over these past few months. My kingdom was born, and continues to grow and change even as I write. I have made hard decisions with the assistance of my council. I have defeated potential threats with the help of my traveling companions. I have also made a few promising acquaintances in the process. On the surface, all is shiny, good, and full of promise. Yet, beneath that calm exterior, I fear that predators wait, biding their time and searching for weaknesses. I would issue these potential ‘threats’ a warning: Cross me, and you will suffer. Threaten my happiness, my well-being, or that of my country, and the cost will be high. The Cervenka do not forget. The Cervenka do not forgive. The Cervenka do not back down. All would do well to consider these little facts before future dealings with their Queen, her household, and those whose lives she values.



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