Czarina Bethari Cervenka of Krusterra

Inquisitor of Callistria, Czarina of Krusterra


It is obvious that Bethari’s heritage does not stem from the typical Taldan and Kellid stock of Brevoy, but instead from the far-off reaches of Tian-Xia. Those with a particularly distinguishing eye, or who are familiar with the many different cultural groups of the continent, might be able to determine that she is a descendant of the Tian-Sing specifically. Her hair is long and wavy, nearly reaching her waist, and a deep black in color. Her eyes are a very dark brown, the color disrupted by soft flecks of green and gold around the pupils. Her skin, while usually rather pale, has been bronzed from many days beneath the sun. Standing at 5’5", she is quite tall for her gender and race, however, she bears the skinniness that is typical of the Tian-Sing, though much of her body is now composed of toned muscle due to her frequent and eventful travels.

Bethari favors loose, flowing clothing, typically of fine make and material; unfortunately, many of her finer garments have been ruined by the weather of Krusterra. Though she couldn’t be described as gaudy, she does favor jewelry, having a tendency to alternate amongst her collection of gems and custom pieces. It is obvious from her more common choices that she has a strong preference for rubies, onyx, and diamonds of unusual colors or cuts.

Bethari is known for wielding a +3 cold iron vicious fey bane bastard sword, which she discovered while adventuring early on during the creation of Krusterra. She has also recently begun using a +4 longbow (str 5), that was created by the Councilor, Aelred Lebeda. It has very appropriately been named The Rose’s Kiss. It has been said that the Duchess can be heard talking to the bow from time to time. A far more interesting rumor, however, is that the weapon quite frequently talks back.

The Duchess is, perhaps, most famous for her “Orgy Day”, which she celebrates weekly in honor of Callistra. The celebration is typically open to anyone, and takes place within Callistria’s temple, which is located a few streets down from the castle. There have also been several rumors as to the nature of her relationship with the satyr Falchos, and his nymph wife, Tiressia. Many a castle employee has spent their day discussing the trio’s “special bond.”

Despite her pleasure-centric personality, Bethari does treat her position with the seriousness and attentiveness it demands, taking a very active role in the management of her kingdom, as well as the welfare of her people. She is responsible for planning nearly all of Shrikewall’s architectural layout, and insists on being present at the completion of any major project. While she does spend a fair amount of time exploring, in council meetings, or enjoying the ameninities of her castle, she does go out amongst the common folk from time to time, celebrating the kingdoms highs with her subects, while assisting Krusterra’s recovery during its lows.

  • The recently appointed leader of Krusterra and founding member of House Cervenka. Her personal symbol is that of a black rose, representing revenge, rarity, and rebirth.
  • Recently killed in battle with a tendriculos while expanding her country, she quickly received the benefits of a True Resurrection due to the efforts of her remaining council. Their loyalty is not forgotten.
  • Found wandering through the Gronzi Forest by traveling traders as a young child, Bethari was adopted by the Medvyed family after one of the house members encountered her in town. After living with them for several years as their ward, she eventually made the decision to dedicate her life to the service of Callistria.

Czarina Bethari Cervenka of Krusterra

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