Duchess Dalia Ikrova of Runyamar

Will save, bitch!


Tiefling with corkscrew-like horns arching over the top of her head, stopping at the back of her skull (like a ~)
Dark red hair, not quite burgundy, with slight copper highlights. Grey eyes. 5’6" in height, about 125 lbs. Born on 27 Rova 3788.

Worships Nethys. High respect for Sivhana. Formerly worshiped Erastil.

Cold/Electricity/Fire Resistance 5

Has Sacred Touch (stabilize character by touching them)

Hexes: Evil Eye, Healing, Slumber, Cauldron, Ward

Wields a +1 keen spear, +2 fey bane heavy crossbow, sickle, and a Rod of Thunder and Lightning.


Dalia is a blood member of House Medvyed through her mother, Katarina Medvyed Ikrova. However, she has been discouraged from using the name because of what she is, since the house wishes to distance themselves from her and her siblings curse. She strives to recreate the currently defunct House Ikrova.

All three Ikrova children, despite being born of human parents, are tieflings. Dalia herself is unsure of the details, but it is known that her father, Viktor Ikrova somehow angered a very powerful fey creature, who cursed him and his descendants. As the only male heir of the lesser House Ikrova, Viktor was desperate to secure sons from his new wife, Katarina, in order to continue the line. However, her first pregnancy resulted in the birth of twin daughters, Dalia and Natasha. It was obvious at birth how the fey curse was manifesting itself, as both girls showed signs of some fiendish nature. While disappointed, Viktor consoled himself that the babies were female, and thus their abnormalities could be ignored as they were not heirs. The townsfolk around the Ikrova manor, on the other hand, muttered darkly about the fey curse and fiendish nature of the newborn girls.

Time passed, and when the girls were seven years old their mother again became pregnant. Katarina left offerings for the fey of the woods and sought the blessing of various priests that her child would be born healthy and normal. Viktor, convinced that the worst was over, only prayed to the gods that the child would be a boy so he could have an heir. When the baby was born, Viktor was happy to learn that it was indeed a boy whom he named Alexi; however young Alexi was also born a tiefling. Concerned with the reaction of the superstitious townsfolk, the Ikrovas tried to hide the true nature of their son, however his features were more obvious than those of his sisters. While the girls only had horns and odd quirks (like Dalia’s lack of a shadow), Alexi had not only large horns but a tail and skin that looked like fine scales. The true power of the curse had shown itself. Servants spoke of the child in hushed whispers, and despite their best efforts, within a year the truth of the child came out. Superstition paired with an outbreak of a vile illness during the winter led the townsfolk to demand the deaths of the children and laid siege to the Ikrova manor. Viktor made plans to confront the villagers and make them see reason, while Katarina arranged for her children to be moved secretly to the main compound of House Medvyed and placed under the care of her brother Dmitri until she and Viktor could join them. The Ikrova children and their nanny were spirited away via a teleportation ring to a safe location where Dmitri was waiting to take them to House Medvyed. Sadly, Viktor and Katarina were killed by the angry mob when they went to confront them, and after they realized that the children were not in the house many of them fled into the Greenbelt to avoid the potential wrath of Lord Medvyed for killing his daughter.

The Ikrova children were treated well, but they were always somewhat isolated. Dalia spent much of her time reading and learning whatever she could. In her research she learned of the mysterious goddess Sivhana, and came to revere her as much as Erastil, the god she grew up worshiping. A few days after her eighteenth birthday she went for a walk in the woods and there encountered a black and red fox that began to follow her. There was something strange about the fox, a supernatural intelligence of some sort. Dalia reached down to pet the fox and as she did a strange feeling engulfed her, unlocking in her mind much of the arcane lore that she had read but not fully understood. She also felt a sudden empathic link to the fox sitting at her feet, which seemed very pleased and yet curious. Not sure what had happened, Dalia returned home, the fox following behind her and slipping into the house unnoticed by the guards. Within a few days, Dalia understood what had happened, and that natural gifts of a witch had been unlocked within her. She gave thanks to Erastil and Sivhana for sending her the little fox familiar, which she named Senka, meaning “shadow”. Her new-found powers caused further isolation from much of the Medvyeds, soon leaving only Dmitri, Natasha, and Alexi as humanoid companions. When news of a charter to settle territory in the Greenbelt reached her ears, Dalia jumped at the opportunity to carve out a place where she and her siblings could live without the disapproving glances of their kin. Her personal symbol has become the silver fox on the same blue field as her house.

Over the course of her time in Krusterra, Dalia’s arcane studies introduced her to the ideas of the faith of Nethys, and in time she felt herself identifying more with the God-King of Magic than Old Deadeye. She still holds a great respect for Erastil, but most of her prayers go to Nethys now. Dalia’s respect for the Seventh Veil remains as it always has, however.

Alexi Ikrova

Natasha Ikrova

Duchess Dalia Ikrova of Runyamar

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