Journals are for the Idle

Musings of a Queen

A note scrawled in Sylvan

I have been named ruler of our fledgling kingdom. This came as no real surprise, based on the dynamic of our rag tag group. Having anticipated some “competition” from our little drummer boy, it was somewhat puzzling when Korl accepted a position beneath me. I find myself suspicious of a victory too easily attained, and wonder if this blessing is merely a threat in disguise. Beyond that, I have serious doubts as to the bard’s capabilities as a diplomat. If the pattern holds, he will simply cast sleep on any individual he sees as a threat, and unfortunately for him, not everyone is as merciful as I am. It is my prediction that worse punishments lie in store for him than a simple shot in the cock. He’d better watch his step, or the hurt train is a comin’.

Viggo Anker Travel Log 1
First Impressions of the trip

The following is written in Hallit

First of Pharast 4708 thou the eleventh of Gozran 4708

Pardon me if this log is off to a bad start my old log has been stolen from me by some bandits. My new traveling companions and I have vowed too remove these people who live in volition of the laws of the land. I believe we shall make are move soon ageist these vagrants. I believe Dimah wishes to feast on the ax woman’s nose some more.

Things to retrieve from the bandits
  • The horse Petro and his belonings
  • Tent made of Elk hide
  • Dark wood spade
  • 2 coils 10 spans long of fine silk rope
  • Cooking pot
  • 2 Lanterns the bulls eye and the hooded one, also the fuel
  • Dark wood hammer
  • Flint and Steele
  • Fishing net
  • Map set
  • Bedroll made from goose feathers
  • Bore hide backpack

First impresions of my Companions

  • Malphas Seems to have a thirst for blood that if not put in check soon will lead to a short end. I get the impression he is hiding something but a mans secrets are his own. I will not pry into his past. Dimah Likes him which is a good sign.
  • Korl Orlovsky is a noble from Brevoy who seams to be drawn to people’s attention like a tree to the sun. He has a good hart but dose not respect the green. He will either sink or swim here. I believe I will aid this one for the kindness he gave me.
  • Bethari is from far away Tian. I do not know witch part of the continent she is from I believe she might be Tian-Sing or maybe Tian-La. Which ever it is she also shares a connection to the green I do not know if she is of the faith but she is quit knowledgeable of this land. Korl seems to wish ill of her but the reverse is also true.
  • Dalia Ikrova talks to the sprites. I do not know where she receives her powers from but they have aided in the speedy recovery of my health on more then one occasion. I believe Dimah wishes to play with her foxes tail I see him eying it.

End of Log VA

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