Melodious Maiden Missing!
Shrikewall Post

In the wake of the unprovoked attacks against our glorious empire a sudden loss has rocked the theatre world. Star diva of the Sapphire Imps Acting Troop, none other than our beautiful Asmeranda Ilata has gone missing. She was last seen in the local market shopping for jewelry just before the attack, and hasn’t been seen since. Rumor holds that the attackers were from Pitax however we have yet to receive confirmation from the palace. Rumor also holds that a certain dictator has had his eye on our missing muse for some time… Which dictator you ask? Why none other than King Irovetti himself! Could our ruthless attacker and our vile kidnapper be one in the same? Could Irovetti have orchestrated this abominable attack solely to get his fingers on Ilata? We know not, but we will keep you updated as we find out!

Excerpts from Dalia's Diary
Written in Draconic

I am beginning to think that I am the only sane member of the founding party left, perhaps save for Malphas. Korl has left the country, I think this a wise move as the fighting between him and Bethari has reached a ridiculous level… I cannot even bring myself to talk about it here. I try to stay removed, my research is more important but it is currently stalled until I can acquire more information.

My journal entry 1

Today I’ve left Bravoy to offer myself as the suitor for the duchess, I’ve taken my ship “inherent Beauty” and my crew I’ve been thinking that i should settle down for some time now. I’m sure that she will have found a suitor befor me But pehaps i will be-able to find a place in the kingdom elsewhere.

A Message Delivered by a Black Cloaked Rider

Greetings from Restov and congratulations on your triumphs. I hope that we are entering a time in which these lands will be called stolen only in history texts! Yet it would seem that for all your victories, your fellow colonists to the east have met with trouble. The settlers of Varnhold are not responding to messengers – and indeed, some envoys have gone missing as well. You may have noticed this on your own, but as the political climate here in Restov grows more turbulent, we find ourselves increasingly limited in the amount of aid we can send. Certainly, we cannot send troops south to Varnhold to investigate without our overly watchful lords to the north misinterpreting the act. And so it falls to you, I fear, to investigate the Varnhold mystery. For if something dire has befallen the colony, you must realize that your own could be next!

Trusting in your discretion and expedience,
       Jamandi Aldori - Swordlord of Restov
Complaints from the Citizenry
Urban Encroachment

A number of complaints have been arriving at the palace from some of our more “reclusive” citizens. They are upset at the rapid urban growth of the city and demand that parks be set up to break up the growth of the urban areas.

Town Crier
Hear ye Hear ye

Be it Known that thanks to the tireless effort of Crown Regent Falchos, our Glorious Queen Bethari Cervenka has been returned to us from Pharasma’a hand! Be it also known that through our Queen’s efforts, Royal Councilor Aelred Lebeda has also been returned to us!

Aelred Lebeda notes for posterity #2
The following is written in an old waterlogged book bound in blue leather with a swan embossed on the spine.

Twenty Third of Sarenith 4708

First council meeting as a kingdom went smoothly. I believe we have decided to have too many celebrations but there is always next month to fix it. Malphas dose not seem at ease about the meating. Korl and the queen seem to fight all the time I will look into this.

Third of Erastus 4708

Today I got to show my skill with the bow at Archerfeast. I did not win but I feel that Erastil has blessed us with a good hunting season this year. I have also begun the training of mounts for the council members some seem pleased.

Thirty First of Erastus 4708

When I stated that we where blessed for good hunting I did not realize that Erastil blessed our crops too. We have cut back on fest days at the council meeting this month but the council is planing to build a waterfront next month it will be costly. But my namesake and god have proven to me that this is the time to make bold moves for the kingdom. Soon we will become a trade hub for the region which will build a strong community for our people to live in.

Fourth of Arodus 4708

My breastplate has been ravaged in a fight with a turtle. I believe I should make something from it’s shell to honor the fight. Perhaps I should make a shield out of it. I guess this will be for another time, first I must repair my armor. As a side note all of the mounts have been trained for combat. Finish one task start another.

Sixth of Arodus 4708

Malphas has returned from scouting and has now left with the queen. I wish them a safe return.

Twenty Fifth of Arodus 4708

It has been brought to my attention by a group of citizens that their husbands have not returned from there logging expedition to the west. I have told them I will bring it up in the meeting and will look into it personally.

Thirty First of Arodus 4708 Leap Day

The queen approves of my investigation I will begin immediately.

The Musings of a Queen (Entry II)

A note scrawled in Sylvan

Never Forget

A great deal has happened over these past few months. My kingdom was born, and continues to grow and change even as I write. I have made hard decisions with the assistance of my council. I have defeated potential threats with the help of my traveling companions. I have also made a few promising acquaintances in the process. On the surface, all is shiny, good, and full of promise. Yet, beneath that calm exterior, I fear that predators wait, biding their time and searching for weaknesses. I would issue these potential ‘threats’ a warning: Cross me, and you will suffer. Threaten my happiness, my well-being, or that of my country, and the cost will be high. The Cervenka do not forget. The Cervenka do not forgive. The Cervenka do not back down. All would do well to consider these little facts before future dealings with their Queen, her household, and those whose lives she values.

Aelred Lebeda notes for posterity #1
The following is written in an old waterlogged book bound in blue leather with a swan embossed on the spine.

First of Desnus 4708

I have just left on an expedition into the Greenbelt. I have been tasked by my Aunt and her fellow Sword lords to escort these citizens into the Greenbelt and meet up with a team of explores to establish a buffer kingdom. I believe this is my chance to prove myself to my God and my people.

Fifteenth of Desnus 4708

The expedition has finaly set off, I have prepared my things for travel. Reginald is eager to stretch his legs on the open road.

Twenty fifth of Desnus 4708

In the past few days I have had a chance to meet most of my traveling companions. I have found most of them to be goodly people. There are a few of questionable morals but I believe we have an understanding of one another. We have had a few run-ins with the local wildlife but it was nothing me and my men could not handle. These encounters must have been a windfall from Erastil for they have ensured that the food supply will hold out in case of random accident.

Fifth of Sarenith 4708

We have arrived at the Greenbelt it is beautiful here. I have net with the explorers they seem to have a good feel for the land. They have mentioned that they have removed the source of the bandit problem in the region. They also intend to use the bandit stronghold as the capitol of this new kingdom. They seem to have found suitable people for the different roles in the government. The queen Bethari Cervenka seems to be a free spirit. Which I believe to be a poor leadership quality. This will not stop me from preforming my role as Councilor to the Queen to the best of my abilities. I have also learned that she is of the elven faith, choosing Calistria as her faith. I believe my experience trading with the elves should help. Daila Ikrova has been given the title of Grand Magister. She wears her faith proudly and I believe the community will prosper with her grading it’s knowledge. Korl Orlovsky has been given the title of Diplomat, I believe this job will play to his strengths. Malphas has been assigned the title of Royal Assassin. He seems to keep to himself I will have to speak to him later.

Excerpts from Dalia's Diary

The following excerpts are written in hurried yet neat Skald in a black leather-bound journal with the year 4708 etched in goldleaf on the cover

Calistril 24

Arrived at Oleg’s trading post. Both he and his wife seem quite nice, though very cowed. My new companions are a very mixed group, I know not what to make of them. The winged one, Malphas, has something vaguely devilish about him appearance-wise. For some reason this makes me fill more at ease, though his manner is somewhat unnerving. Bethari seems to have begun feuding with the Orlovsky called Koral, I have a feeling this shall be a long trip. The druid, Viggo, seems to be a bit brash, he was nearly killed the first day here. Bandits seem to be a major problem, I hope we can handle it.

Pharast 2

Survived bandits, but barely. Much is owed to Oleg and his wife, I only hope we can repay the debt. We’ve begun mapping the area. My feet ache from all the walking.

Gozran 17

Much progress has been made, bandits routed, resolved fight between Mites and Kobolds. Very good for the community. The forest abounds with fey, who have taken a liking to our bard. Speaking of Koral, I am afraid that the feud between him and Bethari have escalated to a point that I can no longer control. Erastil give me strength!

Desnus 12

We have ordered horses, this shall help us greatly I feel.

Desnus 23

Horses have arrived. On way to face this so-called Stag Lord. I hate bear traps.

Desnus 29

Sadness has struck our little group. While we have taken the Stag Lord’s fortress, we have lost Viggo in the battle. Senka is quite sad, he enjoyed stalking the druid’s hawk.

Sarenith 2

The new charter has arrived, we have chosen the fortress as a base to build our new kingdom. Bethari has claimed the throne… I do not know how well this will work, I just hope her wrath will be tempered by her new responsibility. The Sword Lords have also seen fit to send a paladin to replace Viggo. I do not know what to think of Aelred just yet, but he is a champion of Erastil so I think he will make a fine Royal Advisor. The others have decided to grant me the title of Grand Magister, I only hope that I can fulfill this role satisfactorily. I hope that with this new kingdom my siblings and I can reestablish House Ikrova. The Phoenix shall rise again! Natasha and Alexi have arrived with the new settlers, and construction on the castle have begun, and the community is growing. Erastil has brought peace at last, let us just hope it is lasting. We shall give thanks during the upcoming Archerfeast on the third of next month.


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