Building an Army

Army Stats

Determining army CR

To determine an army’s CR, adjust the CR of an individual member of that group by the appropriate modifier depending on the army’s size, as shown on the following list. If, after modifiers are applied, the group’s CR is lower than 1, it does not count as an army – add more troops until you reach a CR of 1. If an army is cavalry, the army’s CR is set by the higher of the rider’s or mount’s CR score.

Army Size——————-# of Soldiers———————————Army’s CR
Fine————————————————1————————————-CR of individual – 8
Diminutive————————————10————————————CR of individual – 6
Tiny———————————————-25————————————CR of individual – 4
Small———————————————50————————————CR of individual – 2
Medium—————————————100————————————CR of individual
Large——————————————-200————————————CR of individual + 2
Huge——————————————-500————————————CR of individual + 4
Gargantuan——————————-1000————————————CR of individual + 6
Colossal————————————2000————————————CR of individual + 8

Hit Points

An army’s HP equals its CR X the average HP from the HD type of the army’s units (3.5 for d6, 4.5 for d8, 5.5 for d10, and 6.5 for d12). If an army is composed of units with multiple HD (such as the case with multiclassed characters, monsters with class levels, cavalry, or gestalt armies), use the lowest HD type. Drop any fractions from the final total.

Defense and Offense

The DV of an army is equal to 10 + Army CR
The OM of an army is equal to its CR


An army’s consumption is equal to 1/2 its CR.



Special Abilities

Building an Army

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