Treasure List

Special Items

  • +2 defending longsword with the crest of House Varn
  • Large jade ring matching the drawing
  • Oculus of Abaddon: Darkvision 120 feet, True Sight once per day as a free action, Greater Scrying 3/day, Planar Binding 1/week to summon the natives of Abaddon, familiar far sight at will, Haunting Beckon 1/year mass charm monster w/a range of 1 mile that establishes a telepathic link between caster and all minds in that area (language dependent) where all characters are automatically affected if under 6HD, other wise they receive a save (DC 22). An intelligent item that only works for someone who is neutral evil.
  • Tale of Armag written in margins of the map. 40 years ago the Black Sisters foretold his rebirth, however a test must be had and Armag the Secondborn must recover Armag’s sword from his tomb so that he can rise to make war upon the world… “or some such nonsense like that.”
  • Rod of Razors – +3 Keen Adamantine Halberd, with 5/day +3 Keen Adamantine Flechettes (full attack)

General Items

  • 166,144g
  • Feather tokens (tree) x2
  • Scrolls of Cure serious wounds x3 (Dalia II)
  • Scrolls of Remove Paralysis x3 (Aelred I & Bethari II)
  • Scroll of Break Enchantment (Aelred)
  • Scroll of Breath of Life (Malphas)
  • 50’ Spidersilk Rope
  • Empty Soul Jar
  • Scrolls of Levitate, Comp Lang and touch of idiocy, shocking grasp and summon monst 2, div detect animals and plants and chill metal;
  • Wand of Heroism 50 charges
  • Aelred’s equipment:
  • Phylactery of faithfulness/crown of charisma +6
  • Hand of glory
  • Scroll of break enchantment
  • Scroll of remove paralysis
  • Potions of cure critical wounds x2
  • Potions of cure serious wounds x4
  • +3 ranseur (water thing)
  • +3 guisarme of flaming, lightning, cold burst, axiomatic
  • +5 adamantine full plate of command and heavy fortification

Treasure List

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