Aelred Lebeda notes for posterity #2

The following is written in an old waterlogged book bound in blue leather with a swan embossed on the spine.

Twenty Third of Sarenith 4708

First council meeting as a kingdom went smoothly. I believe we have decided to have too many celebrations but there is always next month to fix it. Malphas dose not seem at ease about the meating. Korl and the queen seem to fight all the time I will look into this.

Third of Erastus 4708

Today I got to show my skill with the bow at Archerfeast. I did not win but I feel that Erastil has blessed us with a good hunting season this year. I have also begun the training of mounts for the council members some seem pleased.

Thirty First of Erastus 4708

When I stated that we where blessed for good hunting I did not realize that Erastil blessed our crops too. We have cut back on fest days at the council meeting this month but the council is planing to build a waterfront next month it will be costly. But my namesake and god have proven to me that this is the time to make bold moves for the kingdom. Soon we will become a trade hub for the region which will build a strong community for our people to live in.

Fourth of Arodus 4708

My breastplate has been ravaged in a fight with a turtle. I believe I should make something from it’s shell to honor the fight. Perhaps I should make a shield out of it. I guess this will be for another time, first I must repair my armor. As a side note all of the mounts have been trained for combat. Finish one task start another.

Sixth of Arodus 4708

Malphas has returned from scouting and has now left with the queen. I wish them a safe return.

Twenty Fifth of Arodus 4708

It has been brought to my attention by a group of citizens that their husbands have not returned from there logging expedition to the west. I have told them I will bring it up in the meeting and will look into it personally.

Thirty First of Arodus 4708 Leap Day

The queen approves of my investigation I will begin immediately.



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