• Alexi Ikrova

    Alexi Ikrova

    Dalia's Younger Brother
  • Anaqui


    Somewhat withdrawn and professional Elven wizardess.
  • Arven the Fisherman

    Arven the Fisherman

    A local fisher who fishes in the Ol' Fishin' Hole
  • Beven Armaki

    Beven Armaki

    Innkeeper of the Bed of Roses Inn
  • Bokken


    Eccentric hermet who makes potions. Hates visitors, but will sell to travelers if the visit is brief.
  • Borzaki


    A traveling cleric of Erastil
  • Chamaie Lerian

    Chamaie Lerian

    A local weaver, rumour has it that she wishes to gift the Queen the finest silk cloak ever made; unfortunatly silk is impossible to get in the Stolen Lands.
  • Chesk Umberweed

    Chesk Umberweed

    A Local Alchemist
  • Chief Sootscale

    Chief Sootscale

    Current ruler of the Sootscale kobold tribe.
  • Corax


    An angry, uncouth lumberjack. Has gone missing.
  • Dragon


    The Castle Cat
  • Falchos


    A Satyr, Husband to the Dryad Tiressia. Reports any dangers to the kingdom along with his wife. His pipes have been heard around the vicinity of the Royal Palace.
  • Fianna Cervenka

    Fianna Cervenka

    A mysterious woman who arrived with two others who appear to be identical triplets.
  • Garuum


    Exiled Boggard currently living in a fort in the swamps.
  • Grand Diplomat Korl Orlovsky

    Grand Diplomat Korl Orlovsky

    A sad song will i sing for the passing of a great queen, a good freind, and a fine woman. Long live Queen Belthari in Our HEARTS and in our MINDS!
  • Iosis Vemarelian

    Iosis Vemarelian

    Local (and quite eccentric) poet.
  • Ivelliian


    A weathered Elven barbarian from the East-South-North-West.
  • Jamery Gorbasken

    Jamery Gorbasken

    A famous chef, known for his strange food obsessions.
  • Jemanda Orlashen

    Jemanda Orlashen

    A Representative of Oppara's Kitharodian Academy
  • Jenavieve Kensen

    Jenavieve Kensen

    Local Rich Bitch
  • Jhod Kavken

    Jhod Kavken

    A traveling hunter and priest of Erastil. Seems eager to help.
  • Kesten Garess

    Kesten Garess

    Noble of House Garess. Relegated to a simple army commander due to a scandal involving a peasant girl.
  • Lily Teskertin

    Lily Teskertin

    Local Flirt
  • Lord Edrist Hanvaki

    Lord Edrist Hanvaki

    Local Aristocrat
  • Loy Rezbin

    Loy Rezbin

    A ruddy, friendly, and energetic man. Founder of the frontier town of Tatzlford.
  • Malchar Tevalkan

    Malchar Tevalkan

    Corpulent Merchant with ambition
  • Melianse


    A small, beautiful Nixie whose domain lies in a pond along the Skunk River. She has been befriended by the Queen of Krusterra and now provides information on the goings on near her domain. Has recently been seen near the Royal Pier.
  • Mikmek


    A Kobold rescued from the Mite Caves under the Old Sycamore. Now recognized as a National Hero of the Sootscale Tribe and possibly the next Chieftain.
  • Mordicai Jobess

    Mordicai Jobess

    A friendly trapper met in the wilderness. He seems to know a lot about this region of the Greenbelt. C'moo byn see'm soh-ty!
  • Natasha Ikrova

    Natasha Ikrova

    Dalia's twin sister, the Gilded Sword
  • Oleg Leveton

    Oleg Leveton

    A gruff mannered trader who moved to the wilderness to escape the politics of Brevoy
  • Perlivash


    A small butterfly-winged dragon with shining eyes and a quick wit. He is fond of doing loops in the air while flying, sipping wine and mead (but not beer!), and perching on the heads or hats of friendly bigginses.
  • Quanchy Veeliker

    Quanchy Veeliker

    A local Taxidermist
  • Rivvea Cervenka

    Rivvea Cervenka

    A powerful looking woman who comes with a small force of soldiers at her back. Sister to Bethari
  • Svetlana Leveton

    Svetlana Leveton

    Wife of Oleg Leveton and All Around Kitchen Wizardess. Can do Amazing things with Radishes.
  • The Old Beldame

    The Old Beldame

    A "witch" of the swamps according to the villagers. Her fey magics have tinted her skin green and lengthened her ears into points. A crafter of items, brewer of potions, and enchanter of equipment.
  • Tiressia


    A Dryad druid whose tree resides 25 miles west from Shrikewall. She has been befriended by the Queen of Krusterra and currently reports any dangers to the Kingdom that she discovers.
  • Tyg-Titter-Tut


    An excitable grig, a cat sized fey with the upper body of a waifish humanoid and the lower body of a cricket. She enjoys pranks, sugary food, and music; she can sit for hours listening to even poor performances, and always has something nice to say.
  • Xialla Cervenka

    Xialla Cervenka

    A powerful looking woman who comes with a small force of soldiers at her back. Sister to Bethari